0224A: RPG Finale Double Feature

So last Sunday was set as our sixth and final episode of our on-going Bliss Stage game, and one of the big reveals from Session 5 was that somehow The Bliss, as the state of sleep that all adults succumbed to was called, was somehow tied to the mysterious world of Lacuna and its infamous Blue City. And the fact that the session became the finale for both chronicles was kind of mind-blowing.

In hindsight, the parallels between the two games despite having been created by different creators is pretty interesting. Bliss Stage is a game about kids saving the world with weaponized relationships that manifest as mecha given all the adults in the world had fallen asleep. In Lacuna, we had a mysterious world with spider-people and a rather noticeable lack of children. Our Bliss Stage game tied the alien invaders to a dream state. Lacuna had revealed many times that we were all really forced asleep in some facility.

The Bliss Stage game was a pretty tight chronicle with a lot of story to it as that particular gaming group could only meet once every few months. Tobie had run Lacuna as a weird shared world experience with single story that continued regardless of which players gamed under him. So for a more focused story to meet a longer narrative and to leave the table happy with how both stories ended was a pretty interesting feat for Tobie. I'm super lucky not just to play under him as Storyteller / Game Master but of course I'm extra lucky that as my boyfriend we get to play a lot more than most.

The finale got really crazy at some points since Bliss Stage already had us manipulating multiple characters between our Pilots, Anchors and NPCs. But then once we crossed over into the Blue City. Tobie reactivated my agent character Mason and Che's character Fuller, and so we got dragged into things. And yes, I had a scene between my Pilot Kyle being interrogated by my agent Mason and it was quite confusing. I can't wait for Tobie to transcribe the game!

It seem rare enough to bring any long-running game chronicle to conclusion. What more ending two games at once. And best of all, the final was suitably fun yet epic and thus all the better for us players.