02247: Chromecast Enjoyment

So at the most basic level, we bought a Chromecast to replace our struggling media streamer. Both or DVD player / mini-component system and our media streamer are pretty much non-functional now so we were down to the PS3 as a way to watch videos on our non-cable empowered TV. So the Chromecast made sense as an update of sorts that still allows us to stream our downloaded videos onto a wide screen TV as opposed to just watching on our laptops and phones.

But since we have a Chomecast already, it kinda makes sense to revisit streaming video services right? iFlix makes sense given it's very low price point and very diverse video library. Netflix is pricier but has interesting original content ranging form their TV shows to their fascinating documentaries. I've signed up for a free trial using a different email address and I'm really liking the line-up more than I did back in January when I tried out the service after they first released globally.

So we've been alternating with casting local videos, YouTube videos and Netflix shows to our Chromecast this past week and the experience as been quite delightful. In the absence of a smart TV, this is proving to be quite a lot of fun.