02245: Pokemon Go Envy

So I have not installed Pokemon Go for non-reasons. I told myself I didn't have time to walk around to catch non-existent creatures with my phone burning both my mobile data and my battery life. But I can't entirely deny the draw of the game. I played through the Red, Blue and Yellow editions of the game back in the day and also played the collectible card game with my brother. And yet I have done my best to resist getting into the game.

Today I discovered that even my mother is playing the game and during dinner tonight she let me play the with the game on her phone. It's exactly the most brilliant or complicated game on the planet, but I get the appeal. And I also see the potential trap. I do value my free time after all.

But it's rather tempting to just do it and not care too much about whatever. But hey, this bubble will eventually burst, right? Plus I still need to play more LEGO Dimensions.