0223F: Redline Friday

The irony is not lost on me that while waiting out traffic on a rainy payday weekend Friday night, the office folks decided to watch the 2009 gonzo anime Redline, which is about rather extreme racing in some alternate near-future. As if those traffic conditions weren't bad enough, this is also the Friday that Uber decided to run a big UberPool promotion offering P100 fares for all UberPool rides. I imagine the drivers must really hate Uber's timing today unless Uber has committed to make up the difference for all those discount rides. If that were the case, then Uber must be losing a lot of money tonight.

We still have to trudge home to Cubao as well in order to get to our Legends of the Wulin RPG session. The game tonight is going to be held at the Sietch, which still feels like the right decision since I want to go home for the weekend.

Wish us luck.