0223D: Birthday Non-Shenanigans

August is my birthday month and I still haven't figured out if I want to do anything "special" for the day. We're already scheduled to watch a play that dad, so that's something, but beyond that I don't really now.

Part of me wants to have some sort of a celebration at O Bar, but then I don't expect to invite a host of  people to attend since I don't exactly focus a lot on friends. Plus inviting people means getting disappointed that so many won't be able to go and that just sucks. So I'm still 50-50 on how that would go and if ever when. I don't necessarily think we'd want to go to the bar precisely on my birthday but it's more likely to be there when the clock strikes midnight.

I could figure out gaming plans with friends, but admittedly there are few people that I'd want to game with on my birthday. But with so many games already on-going, it seems another RPG doesn't feel ideal either. That possibly leaves just a board game night but we'll see again.

Or maybe I'm just feeling rather antisocial and I don't want to deal with to many people around that time. Gah.