02233: The Welcoming Embrace of Friends

It has been a great weekend thus far stretching back as far as Thursday when Tobie and I watched both Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond thanks to schedules aligning well. Our character creation session for our Legends of the Wulin game last Friday was as animated and spirited as what I expect our game sessions to be, so this new game chronicle is off to a very promising start indeed. And then we had fun gaming with other friends well past sunrise this morning. And now we're waiting for other friends to arrive for a quicker board game session, although admittedly the rain is a little worrisome.

But game sessions like these are always great things more because of the people who come to play and not just because of the game themselves. When you gather a game group that just works, then you do what you can to hold on and keep the good times rolling. As long as the group meshes well, then the games will always be fun. And given our love for both board games and tabletop RPGs, it's interesting to flex across genres and see how our gaming groups respond to the different game styles and variety of play options.

Great gaming groups are welcoming to the right people and they help the members feel safe. And that all goes a long way towards deepening bonds of friendship and leading to even more fun in future game sessions.