02232: Gaming Delight

This weekend is back to our usual gaming fun times and it seems we're playing all over Metro Manila. Last night was our initial session for Legends of the Wulin. Today we're playing board games with another group of friends at the Linden Suites. Tomorrow we're scheduled for board games with a different group back home at the Sietch in Cubao. Fun times.

I'm particularly happy that we got to play with our Collector's Edition of Tokaido. It's one of the most beautiful yet still brilliant games that we own and probably my favorite Kickstarter project as well given all the stretch goals that we got with it as well. It cost an arm and a leg at the time the project was funded but I'm sure that most backers would agree that we all got more than we paid for and then some. Such a beautiful game.

Well, we have a long night of gaming ahead of us. And maybe we'll play Tokaido again later in the night.