02231: Another Rainy Friday

It feels like there's a somewhat higher probability of rain on Friday nights for some reason. Of course this may all just be perception - Friday nights are when people most look forward to getting out of work to go home and so it becomes most noticeable at this point when the weather complicates things. And as social media has attested to, the sudden downpour earlier this afternoon has resulted in Metro Manila once again turning into an obstacle course. BPO friends are still struggling to get to the office somehow while others are just trying to find a ride home. Even the streets around our building are full of cars waiting for streets to clear up as barely a few cars and get past intersections even when the light turns green.

We have an RPG session scheduled for tonight and we're still waiting for Tobie and another player to get here to the office. The bad weather is also making Tobie's life suck a bit more as he doesn't have his car with him and is still at the office waiting for the traffic to be less crazy and to make getting an Uber less of a money bleed. We originally had plans of enjoying a dinner that would involve sushi and uni but with the traffic we may not make it to the restaurant in time.

Last night was good though. Tobie and I generally enjoyed both Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond, but admittedly Ghostbusters was the real crowd pleaser. That is such a solid movie - I'm really glad that it got made.