0222C: Theater Afternoon

After last night's rather fulfilling 7th Sea RPG session, we got a few hours of sleep before heading out for this afternoon's staging of the Virgin LabFest Set C plays including a new piece by Carlo Vergara. We had rather enjoyed our time with Set A and we were definitely hoping for the best with this set.. And while there were inevitably some bits that felt a little off, on the whole the productions we enjoyable. And we totally loved Carl's Mula sa Kulimliman.

We've only watched a handful of these shows in recent years and I feel like we should make more of an effort to see all the productions. At PHP350 a ticket, Virgin LabFest remains to be one of the more affordable theater options out there and some of the more creative ones given the diversity of talent gathered every year. We may not necessarily enjoy each show equally, but on the whole it's still a great experience.

Note to self: It's rather fun to wear glow in the dark shirts like our Welcome to Night Vale All Hail the Glow Cloud shirts in a small dark theater like the CCP's Tanghalang Huseng Batute.

P.S. - Icebergs is still a lovely place for ice cream but the service seems to be getting worse and worse.