0222A: Toilet Cleaning

How do you clean your toilet? I think everyone has their own methods for it depending on who taught you how or just how motivated you feel when it comes to cleaning. But it's sort of an essential life skill for as long as you enjoy indoor plumbing. Most people worry about cleaning the main bowl since it's what you stare at as you watch your stuff go down the drain, but it's just one part.

I tend to go with an outside-in method that starts with the water closet. It's annoying that this part is surface, so it gathers dust which still clings stubbornly to any surface. Then you still need to scrub down the sides, watching out for the gunk that hides near the lid and near the flush handle.

A toothbrush is your best fried when cleaning the narrower bits of a toilet. It's a decent enough scrubbing tool to dislodge hard water stains and it can go into really narrow places. Spots to watch out for apart from around the flush handle usually involve the hinge area of the toilet seat. Newer designs allow you to pop out the main toilet seat area for easier cleaning,  but you'll still need somthing to in and around the clamp that holds it in place.

It's easy to want to ignore the base of the toilet since it's not immediately in view. But man, bring a scouring pad with you when you go down there since it's prone to some nasty bits of grout and other moisture cultivated stains. So swallow your pride, get on your hands and knees and reach behind the toilet to get very last bit.

The bowl itself seems easy, but it's not. There's a very good reason that Toilet Duck and other toilet cleaners have an oddly angled bottle. Literally a lot of crap gets stuck under the rim plus the potential for rust stains and hard water stains. The typical toilet brush isn't perfectly shaped to go under there, so you'll need to get ones with nice angle options or a second brush attached that's angled for the underside. Then you need to make sure you go as deep as you can into the drain area to get a good clean.

I've come to appreciate Mr. Muscle a lot in this regard. Their toiler cleaner solution is pretty good although the Domex all-purpose solution works fine as well. But the Mr. Muscle mold and mildew spray is totally worth it. Just be sure to keep the bathroom well-ventilated when you use it since it can make you dizzy or in may case trigger my asthma. It's perfect for persistent hard water stains and hidden mold and mildew at the base of the toiler and under the water closet.

So how do you clean your toilet?