02223: A Not So Gamer Weekend Ahead

It's Friday night and we're still at the BGC office since we don't exactly have a reason to rush home. Instead of diving into Friday night traffic, I cooked a hearty pot of sinigang that we could eat in peace and for a lot less money than had we eaten out. I really need to shift back into cooking more. We've been spending a fair amount on delivery and dining out given our frequency in BGC or because of how tired we feel when we get home to Cubao.

We have a few board games with us to help pass the time along with our hard drive full of shows and movies to watch. We'll probably end up going home in the wee hours off the night since that's the time that EDSA is most likely to be free to stupid traffic regardless of the weather.

We didn't opt to go out since we have a busy Saturday ahead between the Virgin Labfest at 08:00pm followed by what is sure to be another crazy night at O Bar. So yeah, The daytime hours of Saturday will most likely be spent relaxing and steeling ourselves for the challenges ahead.

Sadly no game plans on Sunday, but given O Bar we're bound to be a little hungover all day for sure. So we'll just have to concede to the weakness of our older selves and just rest up or maybe consider stepping out for things like getting haircuts or maybe watching a movie.

Not quite as gamery, but the weekend plans still look pretty good.