0221D: O Bar Pride Parties

I'm really excited for tonight's O Bar Pride Party entitled Indak: A Celebration of Dance. And while I always feel that you an expect a good show on any night at O Bar, tonight promises to be especially interesting because they've managed to invite six other professional dance groups of different disciplines to perform on the O Bar stage. So yeah, tonight is sure to be a pretty amazing show indeed.

The O Bar Pride Parties have become a new LGBT Pride habit in recent years. Given the bar has been active for over 10 years now, it's pretty much an LGBT institution in the city. And they continue to do their part of celebrate LGBT culture and to try to provide a safe space for members of the community and straight allies and drag queen fanatics as well. And while a bar may not be everyone's cup of tea, it's still a great place to go to just be yourself so I still urge people to try visiting at least once in their lives.

I just hope that I still manage to get good photos later. During big event nights like this one, my camera's battery really gets put through its paces. Then again, if I manage to finish my battery, that tends to mean I've taken way too many photos and videos.