0221C: Hullo There Friday

It's a Friday night and folks are still here at the office. It's a little nutty, but then we do tend to call this weekly occurrence "Fri-Cray" when all the creatives seem' to be a little frayed at the edges after a week of dealing with client request and coming up with idea after idea after idea. There's still some actual work going on but there's also the sharing of crazy YouTube videos, 90's music playing, and the odd need to eat or encourage others to eat.

But hey, it's a really great team and I'm beginning to wonder if we wasted money getting them individual desks since they all seem to cluster in one area anyway. As much we we generally have an open plan office, the team is the sort to repeatedly switch thing up and so I never officially know what the seat plan is without checking on everyone just to be sure.

I'm feeling a little tapped out as well but I know I'll be trying to catch up with other work stuff tomorrow. I'll still get some sleep, but then Sietch chores are bound to call to me amid other social engagements we have lined up. Such is the life.