02217: About Cleaning Bathrooms and Missing Dogs

I've done very little today, which is in sharp contrast to yesterday. Despite only 4 hours of sleep I managed to survive my flight home from Singapore, made it in time to watch Godspell in the afternoon and cross the metropolis for a late evening 7th Sea character creation session that ended past 03:00am.

I really wanted to join Tobie for his RPG talk and game session at this month's G&G RPG mini-convention, but then Tobie insisted it was better that I get rest. I woke up a bit right after he left and sometime later when the rain started pouring into our open bedroom window. I won't really woke up past 04:00pm with most of the day gone. But despite the lost time, I was determined to do one thing - I wanted to clean our bathroom.

Being away so long and with Tobie staying over at the BGC office, the Sietch wasn't in terribly great shape. The bathroom seemed especially bad as water had dried up to leave hard water residue and other much and so I knew we really need to do something about it. And cleaning the bathroom had always been a chore that I liked pouring myself into despite how the strong scent of cleansers in a small space tends to trigger my asthma.

I can't remember the last time that I really tried to clean the bathroom from top to bottom. Our busy lives had limited me to spot cleaning sessions where I'd only clean one part of the bathroom at a time like just the toilet or justs the sink in order to get by. In hindsight I realized that part of the compromise was because of how much time was needed for caring more for Yoshi's medicine schedule and other treatments. And then there'd be our weekly bath session, which literally involved me sitting on the floor of the bathroom with him in order to clean him in a manner that was as stress-free for him as possible.

Missing Yoshi creeps up on us in the most random ways, but of course it's all part of the grieving process. The Sietch is quiet without Yoshi and I'm still getting used to that every time I find myself home alone. I'm sure Tobie felt the same way while I was in Singapore last week. We miss that little white dog terribly and we hope he misses us too, no matter how happy he is wherever he is right now.

Life already feels weird without a dog and we're bound to take one into our little family unit soon enough. But not just yet. Not while we still feel hear the echoes of his claws tapping on the wood or while we still see phantom blurs of him running past our feet. In time, but not yet now.