02216: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jog

My flight home was thankfully uneventful. My GST refund was approved quickly enough and self-check was both efficient and enjoyable. Immigration didn't give me any trouble either and so it was pretty much a lot of time waiting at the gate. But I enjoy travel days like this since it means that I don't have to stress out about this or that. Even my arrival in Manila was uneventful as Immigration was surprisingly efficient and my luggage was among the first to be loaded onto the conveyer belt. Huzzah for good travel.

On the whole though I've had very little sleep. I didn't sleep anytime before the flight and I think I manage maybe 3 or so hours during the flight itself. I got back to Tobie around 11:00am and proceeded to nap again. By 01:00pm we were in a rush to get to Greenbelt 1 to claim our tickets for Godspell then back to RCBC Plaza to catch our 03:30pm matinee.

We took a quick pitstop at the Sietch in Cubao before proceeding to a friend's place for tonight's 7th Sea game. It'll be our first time to explore this system together and it'll be the very first RPG campaign for our hosts for the evening. This marks our full progression from regular board game nights to both RPG nights and board game nights every month. How exciting!

I just hope that I stay awake long enough.