02214: Book Night

Books Kinokuniya is one of my favorite places to visit while in Singapore and it's very rare that I don't at least drop by whenever I'm in town whether for work or vacation. Yes, we have Fully Booked back in Manila and it's still a very respectable store, but there's something about Kino that really makes the book-lover that I am want to leap for joy whenever we enter. And even though the branch along Orchard has gotten a little smaller, it is still quite the celebration of books.

Despite the discounts I get at home, I still end up buying books here since they either (1) get books sooner or (2) simply have rarer titles that I don't immediately find in Manila. So rather than needing to special order books through Fully Booked customer service, I'll more likely be able to get a copy right away at Kino. So the choice is pretty easy.

I'll concede that getting a Kindle has significantly reduced my dependence on physical book stores and for most paperback-based fiction titles, I'm satisfied with just getting a digital copy. But some books still demand physical versions like particular graphic novels or key books of more emotional significance. And so I keep on buying stuff and I'm all the better for it.

Tonight we passed by Books KinoKuniya after work. I had no particular books to look for but after some time going around my usual shelves, I still walked out with a few full bags and a big less cash. But I'm really happy all the same.