02211: Singapore Again

So I'm back in Singapore again for work and it promises to be quite a productive week. I have meetings left and right and of course a chance to work out the details of various initiatives in person with the team over here.

This trip was originally scheduled for the week that Yoshi passed, however a change in the client's schedule resulted in it getting bumped off. I should count myself fortunate that this was the case and I wasn't stuck in Singapore while Yoshi breathed his last. I'm not at all a religious person and I haven't really put too much thought into my stand on spirituality. but I musts admit that moments like this help make me feel like there's a greater power at work or at least some greater plan that drives the universe. Things happen for a reason.

Will see if I have time to squeeze in non-work activities, but we tend to get lost in it. To be fair, it's not like work isn't fun - it's just a different sort of fun.