0220E: Sort of Stag Night

Tobie is out of town because of a company outing and so I'm all alone tonight. Typically I wouldn't really think about this sort of thing anymore, but I realize that was because I always had Yoshi to keep me company and so maybe  I was never really alone then. But that was then.

Tobie and I are hardly apart, especially ever since I got out of graveyard shift work and our schedules became more aligned. Sure we have different jobs but we do get to chat periodically throughout the day. But otherwise we spend most of our time together and that has become our comforting routine. And man, I love routines.

But I'm alone tonight and I opted to just camp at the office instead of the Sietch since I feel a bit more used to being without him while at work than at home. I plan on stepping out for dinner and maybe try something different or otherwise retreat to something familiar. I'm funny that way.

But this is only for now. Tobie will be back by tomorrow night, then all will be right in the world again.