0220D: Nervous Sushi Night

So I joined Tobie's family for dinner today at Genki Sushi, which is always a fun restaurant to eat at. They don't exactly have the best sushi we've ever tasted, but their track delivery system is just too cute a novelty not to enjoy. And they do have pretty decent portions, which makes for great eating.

I didn't really notice if the food was better or worse than the last time we had eaten here some time last year. I guess I was too nervous being around his parents and sister-in-law. It'll be a while before I fully shake that feeling off I guess But I remain thankful that we're already at a point where we do get to share meals from time to time. That's a big step forward, right?

On the lip side, the team at work is staying over at the office again tonight t celebrate the birthdays of several June celebrants. After a great celebratory dinner we're watching this bizarre gory martial arts movie called Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. Seriously WTF is this movie? Silliness aside, it's nice to see how the team is really like one big family at this point. And that's why it's still fun to arrange a sleepover like this. Fun times.