0220C: Missing Our Dog

It has been a long day at work and I don't know what else to write about within the next 5 minutes. S instead let's just go back to the basics and be honest for moment.

I miss Yoshi. I miss him a lot. And I know Tobie misses him, too. I don't necessarily terribly sad about things anymore nor do I feel emotionally compromised to the point of crying at random. But there is definitely an absence in my life that I feel and I know that void is where Yoshi was in our lives.

Last night Tobie and I re-watched some of my videos of yoshi before going to sleep. In the end Tobie didn't get to sleep right away and my own rest was a little shallow and not entirely restful. But life goes and I got through the work day well enough and still got things done.

But I do miss him terribly. For now I know that I miss Yoshi specifically and not just the general sense of having a dog. That may change in time and soon I'll feel the strong desire to take another pet into our home. That time isn't quite now, but I know it will come.

In the meantime I just miss him. And it's kind of sad and it kind of hurts but that's life. We just have to deal with it.