0220A: Orlando ❤ ❤ ❤

The tragic event of the Orlando shooting over the weekend has become a harsh reminder of the dangers of being LGBT. Today, every member of the LGBT community stands with Orlando as we see in them what can happen to any of us until we reach a point where society fully accepts us. Pulse is now every space that the LGBT community considers safe now and in the same way that we feel forever violated after someone breaks into our home, so too now do our safe spaces feel less comforting.

But this is not a time to hide in fear. This is not a time to get distracted by efforts to make this merely a terrorist problem and not an LGBT problem. This is a time to stand together and remain proud of who we are. It's a time to be proud  to be LGBT, proud to wear our colors brightly, and proud to stand and be counted.

And this is June, LGBT Pride Month. It's the time when we do our best to celebrate LGBT Pride as best as we can. We need to remind the world that we're not just a statistic or some ambiguous monster. We are people. You see our faces and we're no different from everyone else. We deserve all the same rights that other people do. And more than anything else, we deserve to live free from fear or persecution, discrimination and definitely not being shot up by some time with an automatic weapon.