02203: Going Day By Day

Things continue to look a little grim for Yoshi, but we're doing our best not to lose hope while still keeping his needs in mind. I keep reminding myself that each additional day with Yoshi is still a gift. But one can't help but feel sad when you see how different he is now.

He spends most of his day sleeping. He no longer has the strength to go on walks outside. He hasn't had solid food in over a week. He no longer barks when someone is that door. He doesn't get excited for bananas. He doesn't play with any of his toys. Sometimes he struggles to stand or walk to the pee mat. So yeah, it can feel pretty sad when you remember just how vibrant and lively he was and compare it to his much weaker state now.

But no, this is not a time for regret or giving up. This is a time for love and dedication and hope. This is time for Yoshi to be reminded just how loved he is

We love you Yoshi..