0217E: Extended Tabletop Birthday

While Tobie's birthday was last Monday, it seems the celebrations have not quite finished. It's just as well given that we didn't exactly have one big celebration for all of our friends and so we've instead had limited celebrations with different groups of friends. And so today we're with one of our gaming groups and it's still part of the birthday festivities, as was our little jaunt to O Bar last night (also a surprise).

Jon brought a lovely cake with a checkboard pattern as a birthday gift for Tobie and it totally fit in with our Alice in Wonderland themed horror game. Clearly we all took the chance to document the cake together with the game stuff. I had also ordered a heck of a lot of food from Shakey's to round out the evening and it has been a good night of gaming this far. The only downer is the oppressive heat, or rather the humidity. This weather is terrible.