02178: Birthday Weekend Gaming

Last night was a great birthday gaming night with some good friends. They had prepared some sinfully delicious aligue pasta together with some prawns that made for an awesome dinner. It was only a shame that we were late because of the crazy Saturday night traffic. We only played two games - Pret-A-Porter and Legendary, but it was a very fun night indeed. Plus it's not easy to appreciate just how cutthroat the fashion industry is, even in a game.

Today we had the second part of G&G's Apocalypse April RPG event. Erich surprised Tobie with a lovely birthday cake that still looked generally in theme with the post-apocalyptic tone of the games. Tobie ran an Apocalypse World game for walk-in guests for the day and we resulted with a crazy-dun Mad-Max-themed game set a generation after the most recent movie.

It has been a rather busy weekend but on the whole I think it turned out well.

Happy Birthday my love love. I only wish that I could have done even more.