02177: Celebratory Saturday

Crazy Saturday so far!

Last night's early birthday celebration at O Bar was even more awesome than expected given the surprise attendance of some very good friends who came to enjoy the fabulous O Diva show with us. There was a fair amount of alcohol that went around but no tequila, surprisingly enough.

Managed to get up in time to get some chores done, handle Yoshi's morning ablutions and to order enough Happy Meals to get all of the Adventure Time toys at McDonald's! I guess you could consider this part of my weird gifts for Tobie's birthday this year.

It took us more than an hour to get back to Cubao from Makati, which is pretty terribly, especially for a weekend. We barely have enough time to settle Yoshi's treatment for the day then it's off to a birthday game night with more great friends. At least Yoshi gets to come with us, so it won't be burdened with the feeling of leaving him home alone for the night or something.