02176: A Small Birthday Celebration

So Tobie and I will be at O Bar tonight to celebrate Tobie's birthday a little early. Since his birthday landed on a Monday this year, it seemed prudent to try and celebrate with our O Bar family tonight since the weekend is already pretty busy. Che will be joining us, as she's one of the few friends that straddle both our O Bar circle and our gaming circle of friends, which is pretty cool.

We didn't really make a big thing of it since it's really hard to invite people to events and that tends to lead to more disappointment than its worth. At this point, we'd be perfectly happy just celebrating things on our own, but of course there are still those friends who make the time and that's not a bad thing. So yeah, best to stick to smaller circles of friends. I recognize that most folks make Friday night plans and not everyone is cool with going to O Bar so I won't dig into all this for now.

If you happen to drop by tonight, do greet Tobie an early Happy Birthday. If not, well, you better not forget Monday. I'd really appreciate it.