02174: Varying Blog Content

My writing for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything isn't quite what it used to be. In recognition of how much busier our lives are since I left the BPO world and the fact that I no longer have long stretches of alone time to fill, I had to change how I handle the blog.

I first decided to shift to only three blog posts a week instead of 6 posts in order to relieve the immediate pressure on me. Over time I've flexed with varying content style since my former pattern was writing full reviews and related feature pieces that were about 500+ words a piece. That's a lot of writing that would take up time that I don't have.

So now I'm going back to posting updates during week days but I'm leaning on shorter content to fill in the gap days. These mostly consist of sharing YouTube videos of interest with a brief commentary or explanation. I feel a little bad about that sort of thing, but then I can't argue against the effectiveness. The image on the left shows my top 5 posts this week and post 3 is just a video share while post 4 is just announcing a Twitter conversation.

It's the classic formula of more timely content > meatier evergreen content. So I'm doing my best to try different approaches to handling the blog in a manner that means that I get to continue maintaining the site without going crazy with self-induced stress or losing sleep trying to keep up with the demand for articles.

My site traffic isn't quite as great as it used to be, but it's getting back to more decent levels. This blog was never a cash cow or anything like that and I continue to enjoy writing when I can. I don't really expect big rewards. but I do appreciate when my efforts are recognizes from time to time.