02173: Staying Out Of The Mud

I've been tempted to write about my thoughts about the various presidential candidates in detail on this blog more than once. However every time I get close to writing about it, I immediately feel tired and weary. Then I ask myself, what value does writing about this hold for me? The people more likely to engage with the post will probably be those I'm not politically aligned with or something. And that's the best case scenario, maybe.

Politics is always messy and this particular election cycle is proving to be quite contentious, at least online. Social media is a mine field of convoluted arguments and people only interested in reiterating their point points and views about why candidate x is better than everyone else and why the media is wrong. So yeah, pointless to join that discussion.

And it's kind of sad to feel that way, admittedly. I don't trust the local community to talk about politics logically or fairly at this point. It's just a lot of mad shouting that often boils down to name-calling and other insults. It's depressing that we can't seem to talk about potential political leaders as if they weren't infallible deities or whatever. They're just human! They make mistakes! They can't magically solve all your problems by themselves!

Sheesh. Ridiculous.