02170: A Crazily Geeky 24 Hours

We've had an interesting line-up of activities for the weekend. I'm already feeling the fatigue, but we press on as best as we can.

Last night was the birthday concert of O Diva MC Black. She's definitely one of the interestingly intense performers at O Bar and we have come to love how she literally transforms into other people when she fully immerses herself in an impersonation personality. And her birthday concert event last night turned out to be a celebration of many Broadway hits along with some of her best impersonations of the likes of Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. It was AWESOME.

So naturally we woke up later than hoped because of the alcohol still in our system. But we got through the regular Yoshi chores, tried to put the Sietch back in order more or less and then it was off again to catch this year's Summer Komikon before tonight's RPG session. We went specifically to get the new Zsazsa Zaturnnah comic, catch up a bit with Carlo Vergara and then see what else there was to see. We also picked a hodgepodge of other comic titles such as more Kikomachine comics and the unusual find of Lady Penelope's Secrets, since I'm such a Thunderbirds fan.

And now we're in the middle of a Bliss Stage game and it's going as crazily as expected. It was taking me a while to get into my groove since I was feeling oddly lethargic this afternoon. After two cups of coffee and a rather heavy North Park dinner, we're back trying to save the world of unusual alien invaders. Good times.