0216F: Other Office Achievements

I did it! After a bit of a while, I finally cooked for the team at work again. And we ended up with one big Mexican-themed feast of chicken fajitas with tortillas and some Mexican relish. Good times. They seemed to enjoy the food, so that's good enough for me at this point.

The lunch did feel even more fulfilling since we had been rushing a proposal just a few hours before. I had already stayed up late to get stuff done and ended up needing the morning to finish things. But we have a great team here so the group effort really paid off and got the proposal out in time. We can only hope that it's enough to get us to an oral presentation or something. At least we tried.

So yeah, it was a good Friday. And Tobie and I will end the night with a birthday celebration at O Bar for one of the O Divas. After this crazy week, Tobie and I really need the night out.