0216E: On the Menu Tomorrow

On many Thursday nights, we end up staying over at the office because of color coding and the general nightmare that is Metro Manila traffic. And since it has been a while since I had last cooked for the office, I used the extra time here to get through most of the preparations for tomorrow.

Because we kind of have a thing for Mexican food in our family, I've prepared a big pot of what we call Mexican Relish as the main dish tomorrow. We're never sure if it's actually Mexican, but from a Filipino perspective it goes pretty well with rice. But since that may not be enough, I also have a batch of chicken fajitas marinating overnight and they should be ready for frying come lunch time tomorrow. The relish will be easy enough to heat up as well.

To complete the mix, I went lazy and just bought a bottle of salsa instead of making some fresh (although in hindsight I probably could have), and a bunch of smaller tortillas to accompany the meal tomorrow. I suspect I'll have a lot of leftovers, but then Mexican food does get a little better with time.

It's actually kind of fun to prepare stuff for the team. But I also feel pressured to try other dishes other than old staples like this. Then again, I'm probably just overthinking things - or I'm feeling the pressure from the team as they've been cooking regularly every day. Challenge accepted!