0216A: Be The Weapon

It always takes a bit of time to get a new RPG chronicle started in earnest. Beyond learning the system itself, it takes a while to flesh out the world and our respective characters and our limited character histories.

Naming alone is a challenging exercise in itself since you want the perfect name that fits your concept for your character. You'll find people trying random name generators, looking at lists of baby names or looking up etymologies for various words and trying to connect them. Sometimes we want names that have a literal meaning or other times we just want to pay homage to some popular character of fiction.

Building the world can be as simple as accepting the setting described in the system book or working together to craft something entirely new. Will the game be set in actual Earth or a world similar Earth? Will it be a fantasy setting or a modern setting? By fantasy, do we only want humans or do we want other races? Do we want magic? How much magic? And so on and so forth.

The game we're starting today, Wield, is a different spin on things because instead of being the epic hero in search of a magical artifact, we're now the epic artifacts. So it's a game that imagines what it would be like to be the One Ring or Wonder Woman's Lasso or even the TARDIS. We are items of great power with our own goals and desires but we must trust ourselves to a wielder. Our many powers are useless until we give up more of ourselves to the wielder and hope that he or she will help us fulfill our goals instead of their own.

Should be interesting...