02169: Getting Through the World of Darkness

So late night we finally got to play Orpheus again, and it was both disturbing and delightful. But what else can you expect from a World of Darkness game, right? Our journeys had us facing strange, potentially demonic beings in another world and I even came into contact with a spirit who may actually be Abel of the biblical tale.

The whole session it felt like we were hanging off the edge of a cliff since we had already been beat up in the last session and last night's game picked up immediately after the last one, and thus our characters had no time to rest or recover. And when you're down to your last point of Vitality for pretty much the entire session, you become very careful about your choices.

But one can't help but admire the way this system was written given its fantastical powers and it's very gloomy yet still intriguing storyline. We know that we're approaching the end of this chronicle but that's just part of the fun. It's a similar feeling to getting to the end of a book and thus the rush to want to continue reading and find out what happens.

But of course the flesh is weak and it's not easy to game all night after a full work day and such. But we all made the most of the time, finally managed to reunite our party at the very end of things and thus now we can only steel ourselves for what is to come.