02167: Ups and Downs with Yoshi

The past few days Yoshi has been fussy about his dinner meals. Dinner is when I typically mix in his steamed egg whites as part of efforts to supplement the albumin levels in his system. But he's never been a big fan of egg whites, and I'm sure you'd feel the same after having one every day for over three months now. I had tried mixing in bananas to add more incentive to eat, but that typically just results in a banana scavenger hunt where Yoshi shows us how well he can filter out just the banana bits, leaving the bulk of the dog food and the egg whites behind.

So like I said, he's been fussy, but fussy to the point that he was not eating most of his dinner. And given his kidney problems and the related anemia, any lack of eating always gets me worried. After some experiments, it seem that Yoshi has tired of Hills Prescription Diet k/d food and is back to favoring Royal Canin brand Renal care food after a prior flip-flop. I'm just glad that we still had some cans on-hand to support the experiment. Now it seems he's getting his groove back. Thankfully he hasn't lost any weight - he was 4.1kg on Monday but is back to 4.2 as of this afternoon.

These little moments always stress both me and Tobie out, but what can we do, really. The doctors advised that this fickleness about his food is part of the symptoms we'll be dealing with from this point on. But we just have to keep trying our best I suppose.

And apparently, we can consider cottage cheese as a potential protein source now. Sheesh.