02162: O Bar is Not a "Gay Bar"

The term "gay bar" has very specific connotations in local parlance, in the same way that the term "commute" specifically means using public transportation to get around even though it just means moving from one place to another. In this case, most people associate the term "gay bar" with the sort of sleazy location where strippers or macho dancers dance erotically and may take off their clothes when the lights go out. And in that sense, O Bar is definitely not a gay bar.

But at the same time, O Bar is a very inclusive establishment that welcomes the LGBT community and their straight friends as well. It's not solely for gay men, so again in that sense it's not strictly a "gay bar". And we don't need it to be. If anything, O Bar is a unique bar experience built around their fabulous drag queens, the O Divas. And it's fun to be able to say that they're clearly some of the best drag performers in Metro Manila (or even the country) as a number of them have already been recognized regionally and some of the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race have also praised their performances when they came to the country to perform.

Last night was crazy fun since (1) it was one of O Bar's Retro nights dedicated to the music of the 60's and 70's, (2) we were sort of celebrating Che's birthday ahead of time and (3) Marc and Meloy joined us for the very first time! And we do enjoy bringing both gay friends and straight friends to the bar since we love it so much and we really enjoy the drag shows. And today will be one of the rare times that we'll be going two nights in succession since we're again celebrating Che's birthday with a few more of her friends. Crazy night.

We don't get to go to O Bar as much as we'd like given our schedules and how much longer it takes us to fully recover from a night of drinking.