02160: Stories From the End of the World

So a number of recent comiXology sales have focused on various Marvel Now! titles that had to wrap-up with the big multiverse-ending crossover event, Secret Wars. And it has been easy to decide to pick up many of these titles since they practically feel like limited mini-series since they tend to span about 8-12 or so issues a pop. Thus it makes for nicely focused reading and something that has a definite end to it, so I can post reviews on Shelfari GoodReads.

And I guess knowing when your title is going to end can result in some pretty creative storytelling moments. And in this time I've managed to snag digital copies of titles like Thor, Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Moon Knight, Black Widow, and even Howard the Duck. And man, there are some great stories indeed.

So I don't know how to feel about the new Marvel universe post Secret Wars since I'm a cheapskate who mostly buys non-Transformers comics when they're ridiculously cheap (hello $0.99 an issue!) so it'll be a while before I fully catch up again. But rather than focusing on the new beginning, I'm still busy exploring the end of things.

Plus Squirrel Girl is cool.