0215F: Noise

Technically speaking, the campaign period for local government candidates began on March 25, Good Friday. So after the holidays, things have really gone into full swing and there's an increasing amount of noise on social media and elsewhere.

Moments like this I'm thankful that we don't have access to live TV anymore. We rely on downloaded content for our TV entertainment, thus we're spared from most forms of advertising, especially all the local political ads that will continue to flood the airwaves as election day draws nearer given our shoddy election laws don't stop corporations from running their own ads under some sort of free speech mandate.

It's all very messy. And its all very noisy. And social media tends to act like an echo chamber for all this chatter and we hear campaign statements repeated over and over again by this side or that side.

Some days you just want to turn it all over and keep your nose in a book.