0215D: Yoshi the Fighter

Yoshi had his weekly visit to the vet today as part of an on-going treatment we're trying. We're trying to figure out an acceptable maintenance level for the artificial hormone that makes up for deficiency related to his kidney disease. Right now we're trying weekly shots but we'll eventually step down to every two weeks then maybe every three weeks and see how it goes. We want to continue to support his system but we don't want to overly stress him out with all these regular vet visits.

It was a really busy day at the vet today and so one can't help but overhear the various cases. The most notable was a Labrador puppy that they owners had just purchased at Tiendesitas recently. The little guy was suffering severe anemia and his symptoms included vomiting and bloody stool. The doctors were still trying to make a diagnosis, but that was a little difficult given the anemia was making blood extraction rather difficult. However the from what I had heard, his case seemed like a more advanced version of Yoshi's case despite being a much younger age. I wanted to chime in, but of course without a formal diagnosis it was too soon to comment. Plus Yoshi never had bloody stool.

We're pretty lucky that Yoshi is responding to treatment as well as he is. We had a number of scares and got all the speeches about his case being critical or his anemia reaching a severe level and yet he's managed to fight on. If all our efforts result in him living maybe another year or so, I'd still be more than thankful that we did all that we could to support him and help him have a happy life. But of course I'm going to fight for as long a period as possible, provided Yoshi continues to fight as well.