0215C: Our Monthly Games

Last night we had our regular board game session with the Baquirans at their place. It's nice how this has become quite the regular part of our gaming calendar as we do enjoy our nights of good food, great games, and funny banter. Case in point, last night we had some pretty yummy corned beef sinigang and this pear, Apple and Cranberry Crisp that made for an amazing desert especially with a scoop or two of ice cream.

These are the same game nights that we've started bringing Yoshi to, so all the more the environment feels quite warm and homey. Then again, the host is one of my oldest friends and it just so happened that gaming has become a new way for us to bond and find time to spend with one another. Good times.

This Easter Sunday is proving to be mostly quiet and we made the most of it by sleeping in. Yoshi is feeling pretty lazy too and has been resting in front of the fan for the most part. We do have some other friends coming over for games in the evening, and that should make for a nice way to end the weekend. Then tomorrow we'll have to move forward and get back into the work groove.