0215B: A Trip to the Barricades

So we finally got to watch Les Misérables together. It was my first time to see the production live while Tobie had seen a staging some time back. The play in itself was great and we really, really loved the set. It's nice how not only was it beautiful because of all the moving pieces but also the interesting use of stereogram-style effects in making the most of the audiovisual support of the background projector.

We got orchestra seats this time instead of balcony seats an there was a wee bit more legroom there than upstairs. It's still a major flaw of The Theatre at Solaire, but it's not like they're going to redesign their entire seating section anytime soon, so just deal with it. Don't bother with balcony seats if you can spare the cash.

We made a side trip to Cartimar to look for Yoshi's kidney-friendly dog food and eventually found a few cans. It has been a few years since I had last been to Cartimar and it seems both busier and yet also more somber than before. The pet market is a tough market and I don't foresee things getting better over there with nicer, cleaner alternatives like Tiendesitas.

We're back at the Sietch for a bit since we needed to handle Yoshi's regular saline treatments and his evening medications. Then it's off to a friend's place for another night of board games - but this time with Yoshi in tow. I'm sure he'll appreciate the time out of the house given this long weekend.