0215A: Teens Fighting to Save the World

Today we finally picked up the long-delayed Bliss Stage game. The last time we had played as back in August 2015 but schedule complications led to game being delayed for a significant period of time. But here we are, back in the weirdness of the bliss. And the way the game is moving forward, I foresee this game is escalating to a climax quite soon.

The holiday in itself has been light. O Bar last night was chill but still a lot of fun. We haven't left the Sietch all day, which makes me feel piggishly satisfied. We have a busier day planned tomorrow and we'll have to do our best to keep up with everything that needs to get done.

Minor note for Yoshi - he was limping for a bit this afternoon although we couldn't see a would or determine if anything was broken. By the night he was generally back to normal so we really have no idea what happened. As long as he's okay, then I guess we really shouldn't worry.

I really want a massage. Boo holiday work hours.