02159: Long Weekend Plans

After one last day of work, the long weekend has finally begun for me in earnest. Not that Yoshi needs a break - he has been pretty chill all throughout the week regardless.

Tonight we're going to hit up O Bar since it turns out they're closed tomorrow. We just need to wait for a friend before heading back home so we can get Yoshi settled then it's back on the road to Ortigas.

Tomorrow we have a long-overdue RPG session at the Sietch, which should take up most of the day. No Friday night plans since the metropolis goes to sleep on Good Friday. Saturday we're watching Les Misérables and then we're gaming at another friend's house. Sunday we have a hastily scheduled game night planned, although we're still waiting on final confirmation for certain attendees. Fingers crossed.

And during the gaps between all these activities I seriously plan on getting some Day of the Tentacle time on the calendar. I honestly want to play through the game with Tobie beside me, as weird as it sounds. But back in the day, my sister and I would play through adventure games this way with one or the other of us controlling the mouse while we both worked through the puzzles together. Good times.