02158: About Philippine LGBT Magazines

Once upon a time there was a local LGBT magazine called ICON. It looked pretty well done and I ended up buying every issue of the magazine to somehow show my support for their efforts. It was somewhere between OUT and Instinct, which some pretty risque covers designed to draw attention and hopefully sales. But it struggled like many other forms of print media out there and in the end it folded.

Flash fact - I had managed to get a contributing writer role with the magazine and was given an interview to transcribe and turn into a feature piece. I did my work, submitted my article and then ICON disappeared. Sad.

Fast-forward to today and I finally decided the new Team Magazine, which is another effort at a local LGBT-centric magazine. I managed to opt for the digital version through Buqo, although this is also my first time to try that particular ebook service. Yes, I've already sold my reader's soul to Amazon because of the Kindle and their recent acquisition of comiXology.

It was funny to note that it feels like I know someone in every issue - and I'm solely looking at contributors I know to be part of their staff. Sometime's it's a photographer and sometimes it's a model and other times it's the actual subject of an article. What the heck! Since when did I end up with such fabulous friends?

Then again, I'm a lot older know and I've been generally more sociable thanks to our frequent nights at O Bar. And given how small Gay Manila can be in terms of social circles, I suppose it really shouldn't be a surprise that I'd come across familiar names when reading a local LGBT magazine. I don't remember a similar experience when I was reading ICON back in the day, but again I was much younger and less out there.

Life is funny that way. And things seem to move in cycles.