02156: Yoshi Care 360

I have to admit, as much as there have been so many ups and downs throughout Yoshi's treatment for his kidney disease, the team at Beterinaryo sa Fort have been pretty amazing in helping him through it all. It's a small clinic but a pretty busy one and the fact that pretty much the entire team knows Yoshi and is familiar with his condition is rather heartwarming. I naturally expect his primary physician to know about what's going on, but for pretty much everyone including the staff to be familiar gives you a nice feeling whenever you go. And naturally everyone is super supportive and hopes for his recovery or that he'll at least continue to manage his condition well.

Today we stated a new artificial hormone treatment to help augment Yoshi's red blood cell production and the doctors also recommended a new medicine to help support his kidney functions. And while there's nothing that can be done to actually repair his kidneys, at the very least we're doing our best to get him to be as close to normal as possible. And given how much we've come to trust the BSF team, I'm confident that this new treatment will only help Yoshi in the long run.

In other news, we finally bought a pair of pet-friendly hair clippers and I'm working up the nerve to try to trim his hair myself. He still can't risk exposure to too many other dogs, so figuring out grooming ourselves will make a lot of sense in the long run. And with the summer heat only increasing, there's a lot of concern about things getting too hot for dogs to handle. So trimming Yoshi's fur for the summer months is becoming more of a priority around this time.

Wish us luck! The end result may not be pretty, but at least he'll get some relief from the heat.