02155: Cultivating Gamers

Our March and April gaming calendars have not immediately filled up as is typical. Things naturally slow down over the December holidays but it feels like they never quite went back to their prior levels come 2016. And so we're back to testing out new players and cultivating potential gaming groups.

But finding gamers is tricky and everyone has different play styles and levels of comfort with games to play. We typically get people started with board game sessions and we subject them to games of increasing difficulty and variety of play. Eventually we try to get them to commit to a tabletop RPG one-shot session using friendly systems like Fiasco, Our Last Best Hope or any of the Apocalyse World derived games. And then it's a question of scheduling and getting them to try something longer term.

But right now it feels like we're just juggling different board game level players and that's not a bad thing itself. It's still a lot of fun and we get to meet a lot of people but of course not everyone can stay in the running to become America's next drag superstar. Or in this case, us managing to awaken the serious gamer within them and getting them to want to play on a monthly basis.

We'll see how things go.