02154: Quite Whelmed.

Today we just got back from the pretty successful book launch of Talecraft Publishing's first title, the Master Story Creators' Anthology. Tobie was one of the 10 authors who contributed to the book and it this was his first book launch event complete with book signing with the people present. TOBIE HAD A BOOK SIGNING!

Of course this was yet another reminder to me to get past my fears and insecurities and just get back into writing. I feel the pressure mounting, but it's good pressure. This is still something that I want to do. And it's not like I lack the words - my social media analytics keep reminding me that if I were to collect all the stuff that I post as status updates and comments, I'd have probably written a novel. Shame on you, Rocky.

And then there was dinner with Tobie's family since they attended the event. **SCREAMING INSIDE**

It went rather well.


  1. Hi! Found this blog while looking for the Buqo page of the anthology. You should definitely get back to writing. I know you can do it.

    Also, have you gotten around to reading Turn to Dust? If you enjoyed it, I posted the succeeding parts on my blog, please do check it out.

    Black Rose


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