02153: Friday Friday Friday

It's a Friday night and Yoshi and I are just chilling at the office while waiting for Tobie. It's been a pretty productive day both in terms of work and Yoshi's care status.

We had our little follow-up at the vet today. The good news is that his white blood cell count is back to normal so whatever that minor infection was has completely cleared out of his system. His red blood cell count dipped a bit though, but at least the doctors already had a plan for him.

He had gone through two rounds of an artificial hormone treatment to augment the missing hormone tied to blood production that his kidneys no longer seem to be producing and those have buffered his system here and there. The new plan involves figuring out the right balance of the hormone over time. So we'll first try weekly shots and then try stretching to every 2 weeks and so on while monitoring his blood tests to see what effect all this is having. He's also on continuous iron supplements to bolster his blood production.

But on the whole it feels like Yoshi is really doing well. He has maintained his goal weight of 4.2kg for like a month now and his activity level is pretty awesome. His appetite is back to where it needs to be, although he does have isolated spells of being quite picking about what he eats. Ironically we're back on feeding him with the kidney-friendly Prescription Diet dog food instead of Royal Canin. This is ironic only because he had rejected Prescription Diet after his confinement in December so for him to want to go back to it is a little funny.

Good dog, Yoshi. Good dog.