02152: Search, Don't Sort

In the early days of Gmail, one of the biggest reminders to new users was Search, Don't Sort, which meant to use the search function to find emails you were looking for as opposed to setting up a complicated folder system as was the requirement for other mail services. It remained to be one of the biggest learning curve items for users for some reason - I guess labels weren't intuitively the same as folders and whatever.

Despite how we all acknowledge that Google is one of the best search engines out there, it's not easy to remember that search is their core business while using their other products. Our workflows are based around other versions of the same tools thus we look at Gmail like other email providers or we look at Google Drive's Docs, Sheets, and Slides products just like MS Office, but again not quite the same. And this week I feel silly for not remembering to search more when looking for files in Google Drive. Instead I've been following a more traditional Windows desktop workflow of looking for the file in whichever folder I stored it in then opening manually. But all this time I should have been searching!

Big Reminder Note to Self: SEARCH DON'T SORT!