02151: Social Media Stupidity

The iconic Bart image from Just Fucking Google It
It both amazes and disappoints me that in this age of smart phones, mobile internet and connected devices, a lot of people either don't know or are just too lazy to find answers on their own. With the rise of social media, their alternative solution is to ask their friends all their questions no matter how basic they are including unit conversion, time zone related stuff and other highly factual things that can definitely be determined with a quick internet search.

As much as there are studies that argue that people are getting dumber as we rely more on our smart phones to answer questions for us, I feel there's still a larger segment of the population that is totally ignoring the fact that they pretty much have the internet on a little device in their pocket. So, so sad.

This is why sites like Just Fucking Google It and the even snarkier Let Me Google That For You exist - as a way to subtly punish such social media idiots. I mean seriously, it takes roughly the same amount of key strokes to type your question either as a social media status or a search engine query. In fact the social media version probably takes more since you have to make it sound conversation or you try to be cute by saying you're asking for a friend. Unless you're being ironic, both you and your friend need to realize what your phones are capable of.

Ugh and double ugh.