0214F: Ups and Downs With Yoshi

Managing Yoshi's condition can be a little tricky. It's hard to determine how things will go and his vet did remind us that we'd have good days and bad days.

Case in point - the morning started out pretty great. He was super excited to see everyone at the office again and he worked his way through his breakfast quickly enough. He was generally happy to see everyone and he managed to use his charms to demand some banana chunks from the team.

But dinner was a struggle since he didn't seem to be in the mood to eat and he only wanted to sleep in various locations around the office. This time I made sure to pack up his food and after the usual traffic trudge home we still had his saline injection to not-exactly look forward to.

But after his session something came over him and he decided to attack his food with a little gusto and now I feel less stressed about him not having eating his dinner. And to be fair, Yoshi is pretty heavy despite his occasional spells of inconsistent eating.

Ups and downs.